Our Clients

No one is more in depth with the pulse and direction of advertising and trends going forward than the factory and their partnership with our advertising partner. I truly feel that my experience with Agency 720 has been nothing but a “Mark of Excellence”. Agency 720 has General Motors and our dealer group in their best interest.

Craig De Serf
General Manager, Houston Chevy LMA

We feel 720 has more power in the media buying arena which means more commercial for us per dollar spent. The communications and account service are excellent. Two big things I think we have gained over our custom agency is 720 has a good grasp on digital marketing which still seems to be a confusing topic to understand and with 720 having such a large amount of LMAs we are able to tap into what other areas are doing and what is working for other areas.

Greg Dunn
President, Toledo Chevy LMA

Our experience with Agency 720 in Cincinnati has been very positive. Because of their status as a turnkey agency, they have been able to provide exceptional responsiveness to changes in creative or incentives made on the fly by Chevrolet. However, Agency 720 understands that they represent the interests of the dealers first and foremost. They have been an integral part of increasing our sales in Cincinnati.

Dan Pulte
President, Cincinnati Chevy LMA

The advantage of having Agency 720 on your side is that they listen to, and understand the Dealer(s) needs while keeping our LMA tied closely to GM Assets.

Jim Orke
President, Rochester Chevy LMA

Your understanding of our individual market conditions and your presence on our monthly conference call made the difference… We were selling out of Silverado’s faster than the country was and really needed fast action.

Jim Grundstrom
President, Marquette Chevy LMA

Agency 720 has been outstanding to work with for the DFW LMA group. They care about your initiatives and ensuring that your objectives are met. We are very pleased with the work that 720 provides our dealer group. I would highly recommend them to any dealer group.

Carey Williams
Executive Manager, Dallas-Ft. Worth Chevy LMA

Agency 720 has proved to be a genuine partner. Their dedication to service, understanding the business and creative thinking has helped the Southern Nevada Chevy Dealers grow and become more visible in a challenging marketplace.

Greg Heinrich
President, Southern Nevada Chevy Dealers LMA

From day one not only was the transition smooth but a720 brought the knowledge and tools from their agency and close relationship with Chevrolet to our LMA. That allowed us as a group to make decisions based on facts and not feelings and more importantly get our message out quickly and without hesitation. It’s no mistake that our market share has increased significantly since beginning our relationship with a720.

Steven Hoggle
President, Hometown Chevy Dealers, Spokane Chevy LMA

720 has done a great job recommending promotions and ad buys in our monthly meetings. The previous ad agency always seemed to be just pushing a buy with no real thought to why we should do it. Keep up the good work.

Eric Lane
President, Super Chevy Dealers Baton Rouge LMA

Agency 720 is a true partner to the New York Chevrolet Dealers LMA, they always have the dealers goals and interest as their driving principle and provide top notch service and execution.

Scott Brown
Treasurer, New York Chevy Dealers LMA

Agency 720 has been instrumental in providing ongoing strategic insights to lead this market to gains never before realized. We continually challenge the status quo in an effort to over-deliver the goals we set.

Michael Watson
Vice President, Boston LMA