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Jan 4, 2017

In December, Chevrolet brought together the entire team of 164 Local Marketing Association Leaders, 19 Chevrolet Dealer Council members, 72 Agency Partners and 105 Chevrolet personnel. Together, the team reviewed Chevrolet’s success in 2016 and set the plan for 2017.  Chevrolet illustrated their continued commitment to the partnership with the Dealers and Agency partners. The message was clear that we are changing the way people think about Chevrolet across every metric and measurement.  Moving forward, our continued success will be grounded in the ongoing challenge to every member of the Chevrolet Team to rethink what’s possible across the spectrum of the business.

Our New Corporate Branding
Jan 3, 2017

Agency 720 changed its logo effective December 1, 2016.

Why? The original logo’s intent was developed for a different time and situation.

When we were asked why we were named Agency 720, we shared that our approach to business is to be experts, not only in our business, but on our Clients’ business as well by taking a full, comprehensive 360 degree approach to understanding all aspects of our joint businesses delivering mutual benefits. . . . .hence the name 720. (360 x 2). This approach delivers the best, most informed POVs and recommendations. We believe in great service and are shoulder to shoulder with our Clients through good times and bad times.

So the answer we gave when asked “ Why 720?” worked, but the logo was a disconnect – it did not portray a contemporary, energetic, smart and capable Agency that works at the “speed of retail” to help Clients realize their goals. We believe the new logo communicates these qualities, better represents our business philosophy and actually captures how we are referred to day to day.

Ad Age
Feb 19, 2015

Agency 720 is an Omnicom Agency headquartered in Detroit with field offices in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. The Agency has deep experience in creating multi-platform marketing programs that drive retail traffic and sales in local markets. Its associates understand Tier 1 brand marketing and how to extend and amplify that messaging into local Tier 2 markets. The company integrates seamless marketing touch points to drive traffic and sales, including a full range of creative and production services, media planning and buying, complete digital and social media services, direct, email and mobile communications, lead management and event activation. We have the ability to market to all 210 DMAs.

Agency 720 services 170 Chevrolet Local Dealer Marketing Group clients by extending and amplifying the Chevrolet Brand message and initiatives while addressing unique local market situations opportunities.

Agency 720 is a gateway to Omnicom Group’s network of companies which can provide advertisers a full breadth of marketing solutions.

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