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Chevrolet College & Educator Discount Programs
Jun 7, 2017

We believe congratulations are in order! Or should we say con-GRAD-ulations?

Congrats to all the recent college graduates and a special shout out to all of the educators that helped get them there! To honor the hard work that both students and educators put in to all that they do, Chevrolet offers two programs designed to reward their tireless efforts.

Current college students and recent college graduates, within the last two years, have the opportunity to receive extra savings for their tireless efforts with the Chevy College Discount Program. To view full program details, click here.

To show appreciation for all of those who committed their lives to sculpting the minds of our youth, Chevrolet offers a discount to all current employees of a public or private, school, university or college through their Educator Discount Program. To view details, click here.



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